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HireWorx-1 Free Trial

Welcome to the HireWorx Big 5 Assessments software free trial assessments. When you are ready to begin taking the assessments, just click Start, then enter your first name, last name and email address to register and create your account in order to take the assessments. Please note: you will need to read and accept the data protection policy in order to continue. In doing so you also agree that we may contact you by email or phone using the data you provide.

Click Begin Assessments to begin the free trial, Also please note that the demographic data details requested are voluntary and anonymous and purely for statistical research so click through if you don't wish to participate.  

The four assessments may take you up to 25 minutes to complete so please allow sufficient undisturbed time and ensure a good internet connection is available. It is also recommended that the assessments are taken on a notebook or desktop computer rather than using a small screen mobile phone. 

Lastly, no preparation is required, please relax and respond naturally and spontaneously.


~John Weisenberger and The HireWorx Team